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Hardscaping Maintenance For The Winter

Winter is just around the corner which means it’s time to bring out the snow gear to keep your hardscape free from snow and ice. By taking a few precautionary steps to keep your hardscape safe from the elements can be quite the help in maintaining the beauty of your yard. Here are a few maintenance tips to keep your hardscape beautiful from the harsh winter.

Clear Surfaces

When winter hits, the weather gets extra unpredictable. Which is why it’s essential to clear your hardscape surface of snow as quick as you can. Even though the snow alone won’t cause damage, the thawing and refreezing can pose a damage in the stones pore.  Although the glistening snow is nice to look at, it’s what’s underneath that counts. Dirt and debris can get trapped which may stain and dull the look of your pavers.

Beware of Chemicals

It can be tempting to de-ice your stone work, however, be extra careful. The chemicals that are in salt and de-icing products may damage hardscape. Before the first snow hits, talking with a hardscaping professional to discuss the best products that are safe for your stone work.

Fix Up What You Can

Before the first snow or ice storm hit, be sure to fix up any pre-existing cracks on your hardscape surface as the elements of winter may make them larger. Filling in the cracks, replacing broken pavers, and resealing can help your hardscape last through winter.

In order to keep your hardscape beautiful for many years to come, follow these simple tips. A little preventative maintenance can help the longevity and beauty of your hardscape.

For more information on protecting your hardscape, contact the expert team at Jeffs Premier Landscaping today, we serve the Naperville, Wheaton, Downers Grove cities and surrounding areas. We are Aurora’s best hardscape company! From outdoor kitchens and fireplaces to beautiful greenery for your yard, we can help.

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