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For almost 20 years Jeff’s Premier Landscaping has served both residential & commercial clients as a full-service company with an experienced team of professionals.

In continuing to expand its landscape design capabilities and its services, the company has established long lasting relationships with area families and businesses. It is the appreciation of those customers and the inspiration of new partnerships that keep the company focused on being the best.

We specialize in:

  • Pergolas – Defined as outdoor structures with a series of open cross beams at the top, pergolas provide the perfect space to mount ivy, flowers or hanging plants. From a pergola, you, your family and your guests can enjoy beautiful plants and decorations at every angle.
  • Paver Patios – Paver patios offer a solid base for grills, chairs, potted plants and a range of other outdoor amenities. Whether you intend to cook or serve food, set up a sports table, or engage in any number of other outdoor activities, such a patio will make your goals easier to achieve. We can also install pavilions over the paver patio to provide shelter from the elements and additional decorative options.
  • Retaining Walls – Our retaining walls hold soil sturdily in place, allowing you to make major changes to the landscape without risking disruption from weather. This increases the range of designs you can add around your patio.

Patio Experts in the Wheaton Area

Though many think of the kitchen as the heart of the home, the patio is the true centerpiece. A patio provides a smooth transition between the outdoors and the interior, allowing you to take full advantage of both.

Through careful planning, diligent designs, and detailed work, Jeff’s Premier Landscaping provides beautiful patios for Naperville homes. With our aid, you can appreciate the beauty of your yard and your house in comfort, no matter the season.

By paying close attention to detail and following your instructions to the letter, we ensure that the final product will look exactly as you hoped. Through our design skills and knowledge of local conditions, we can make even the most elaborate patio plans into realities.

Pergolas & Pavilion Construction

Whether you’re hosting a formal event, inviting neighbors over for drinks, or simply enjoying your garden’s beauty by yourself, no yard is complete without a patio cover. The proper cover protects you and your guests from the elements while providing a comfortable seating area. With our pergolas and pavilions, you’ll never have trouble taking advantage of your yard.

Before installing a patio cover, it’s important to understand the difference between pergolas and pavilions. Whereas pavilions have closed roofs, pergolas are made of cross beams that create a solid but open structure. This difference has important implications for:

  • Shelter – Pavilions provide more comprehensive protection against rain, snow, sunlight and other weather factors.
  • Plants – Because they allow sunlight through, pergolas make it easier to install plants in a position visible from the inside. You can grow ivy or flowers along the beams or install hanging plants from the ceiling. With pavilions, you’re limited to placing plants around the edges.
  • Lighting – Pavilions tend to become darker earlier in the evening, requiring you to install interior lights. They can also accumulate smoke, so you should limit your use of torches and gas lanterns.

From weddings to birthday parties to informal get-togethers, your patio cover will provide the perfect base for outdoor events. Guests will enjoy the beauty of surrounding designs, and if the weather takes a turn for the worse, they will appreciate the shelter. They’ll leave with warm memories of your yard and will be eager to come back the next time you host an event.

Retaining Walls To Keep Your Yard Safe

When making major changes in your home’s outdoor terrain, holding excess soil in place is always a challenge. Without a solid structure, rain, wind and general wear and tear will slowly wash the soil away, undermining the appearance of the landscape and creating safety issues. Retaining walls provide a sturdy barrier against displacement, holding soil in place in the face of all disruptions. No matter how ambitious your home improvement project, our retaining walls will provide the foundation you need to preserve it for the ages.

Retaining walls have no shortage of advantages for outdoor home improvement. In addition to holding the landscape in place, they also allow you to add depth to the yard. If you have many different types of flowers, for example, you can use retaining walls to plant them at varying heights, differentiating them based on color, size, or petal shape. These and other design choices will give your yard a unique appearance that neighbors and visitors will never forget.

As with most outdoor home improvement projects, there is no “one size fits all” approach to retaining walls. Our expert contractors thus take into account your yard’s characteristics before building them, paying attention to:

  • Soil Type – We evaluate the type or types of soil in your yard, studying its porosity, weight and other features. This allows us to gauge how large and sturdy the walls must be to hold it in place effectively.
  • Drainage – Excess water buildup can put pressure on retaining walls, weakening them and increasing the risk of serious damage. To keep this damage at bay and save you from costly repairs, we evaluate your yard’s drainage characteristics, making sure there is somewhere for the water to go on either side of the wall.
  • Other Features – We pay attention to existing decorations, plants and other features of your yard. Not only does this tell us how much space we have to work with, but it also lets us advise you on wall choices that will best complement the current aesthetic.

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