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Premier Patios: Outdoor Designs for a Beautiful, Convenient Home

Though many think of the kitchen as the heart of the home, the patio is the true centerpiece. A patio provides a smooth transition between the outdoors and the interior, allowing you to take full advantage of both. Through careful planning, diligent designs, and detailed work, Jeff’s Premier Landscaping provides beautiful patios for Naperville homes. With our aid, you can appreciate the beauty of your yard and your house in comfort, no matter the season.

Custom Designed Patios!

Jeff’s Premier Landscaping is committed to saving Naperville clients time, effort and worry on their outdoor improvements. We never let you lift a finger, doing all the work from the moment you request a patio upgrade until the job is complete. In addition to relieving you of physical effort, we also provide peace of mind. By paying close attention to detail and following your instructions to the letter, we ensure that the final product will look exactly as you hoped. Through our design skills and knowledge of local conditions, we can make even the most elaborate patio plans into realities.

Customize Your Patio Area

Jeff’s Premier Landscaping offers an array of patio design options to add both beauty and functionality to your yard. These include:

  • Pergolas – Defined as outdoor structures with a series of open cross beams at the top, pergolas provide the perfect space to mount ivy, flowers or hanging plants. From a pergola, you, your family and your guests can enjoy beautiful plants and decorations at every angle.
  • Paver Patios – Paver patios offer a solid base for grills, chairs, potted plants and a range of other outdoor amenities. Whether you intend to cook or serve food, set up a sports table, or engage in any number of other outdoor activities, such a patio will make your goals easier to achieve. We can also install pavilions over the paver patio to provide shelter from the elements and additional decorative options.
  • Retaining Walls – Our retaining walls hold soil sturdily in place, allowing you to make major changes to the landscape without risking disruption from weather. This increases the range of designs you can add around your patio.

A Place You Can Call Home Outside & In

Patios are more than mere decorations. By creating a warm, comfortable threshold between your home and the outdoors, they invite guests inward while helping you and your family to enjoy the yard.

For more information on all our patio offers, contact Jeff’s Premier Landscaping today:  630 381-7767.

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