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When making major changes in your home’s outdoor terrain, holding excess soil in place is always a challenge. Without a solid structure, rain, wind and general wear and tear will slowly wash the soil away, undermining the appearance of the landscape and creating safety issues. Retaining walls provide a sturdy barrier against displacement, holding soil in place in the face of all disruptions. No matter how ambitious your home improvement project, our retaining walls will provide the foundation you need to preserve it for the ages.

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As with most outdoor home improvement projects, there is no “one size fits all” approach to retaining walls. Our expert contractors thus take into account your yard’s characteristics before building them, paying attention to:

  • Soil Type – We evaluate the type or types of soil in your yard, studying its porosity, weight and other features. This allows us to gauge how large and sturdy the walls must be to hold it in place effectively.
  • Drainage – Excess water buildup can put pressure on retaining walls, weakening them and increasing the risk of serious damage. To keep this damage at bay and save you from costly repairs, we evaluate your yard’s drainage characteristics, making sure there is somewhere for the water to go on either side of the wall.
  • Other Features – We pay attention to existing decorations, plants and other features of your yard. Not only does this tell us how much space we have to work with, but it also lets us advise you on wall choices that will best complement the current aesthetic.

Our team has extensive experience serving the Naperville area and knows exactly how local weather, housing designs and other factors will affect your yard and walls. By paying close attention to detail and upholding quality in all we do, we provide robust, beautiful walls that will continue to function for decades.

Add Structure to Your Home's Great Outdoors

Retaining walls have no shortage of advantages for outdoor home improvement. In addition to holding the landscape in place, they also allow you to add depth to the yard. If you have many different types of flowers, for example, you can use retaining walls to plant them at varying heights, differentiating them based on color, size, or petal shape. These and other design choices will give your yard a unique appearance that neighbors and visitors will never forget.

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